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OK now you’ve got your brand new website, what’s next?

Having a website but not promoting it, is often referred to as “having a signpost in the desert” or a bit like ‘winking at a friend in the dark’.…you know you’re doing it but they can’t see you…..and it’s the same on the internet.

To get the best financial return from your website, it’s vital that you appear high up in the listings of leading search engine pages such as Google for all the services or products you offer (e.g. “Skip Hire Sheffield”, “Automatic Gearboxes Leeds” or “Coal Merchants Chesterfield”)

With many years’ experience in digital marketing we can help you get there using bespoke, targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click / Adwords) campaigns. Our approach is simple – to firstly get you on Page 1 for every search term currently searched and then to keep you there as high up as possible and above your competitors.

So let’s look at both of these methods in a bit more detail:-

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Put simply, SEO is the process of getting you listed as high as possible in the ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ (free) listings on search engine pages such as Google. Done properly it will drive a constantly increasing volume of traffic (users) to your website for the products or services you offer at a much cheaper cost than the most commonly used alternative, Pay Per Click.

This involves a lot of research, endless hours of fine tuning and a great degree of skill which we have gained over years of experience and practice. Despite what some companies may claim, there’s no ‘quick’ way, no magic tricks to do this, just a great deal of effort and an expert knowledge on how search engines work.

This process starts with analysing the structure and content of your website, making it more ‘search engine friendly’, updating and adding new or specific content, building credible backlinks as well as inserting social media feeds such as Facebook, or blogs all of which will help to improve  your website’s ‘quality score’ with search engines such as Google.

Finally the most important reason that you should concentrate on SEO, is that by far the majority of internet users click on these listings, more often due to them being more relevant to their search term or phrase. So our clear aim is to get Google (the market leader with over 90% of search traffic) to feature your business in their top 10-15 websites that, in their opinion, best offer what the user is looking for and this process is constantly changing in line with numerous criteria.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

‘Pay Per Click’,  also known as ‘Adwords’ or ‘Paid Listings’ are the listings at primarily the top of the search results and is an extremely powerful and flexible way to advertise your business online and get your website appearing quickly for your key products or services.

The great benefit of PPC is that it gives your business almost immediate visibility in an increasingly crowded marketplace and allows you to compete with some of the biggest and most well-known brands out there. However unlike SEO, every time a user ‘clicks’ on your website it costs you money (usually ranging from 25p to several £’s) depending on the level of competition for that “phrase” or “term” in that specific area – these are called “Keywords”.

As Google Accredited Professionals, we will work tirelessly to create the most appropriate campaign for your budget, spending only what is necessary to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment. Starting with a thorough analysis of your competitor activity through to trial ads and other tests to pinpoint what terms work best for your business and then constantly refining these to get you more clicks at a lower cost per click (‘cpc’) each month.

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